Study Business in the USA

Study Business in the USA

Whether you want to be the next Wolf of Wall Street or Steve Jobs, the USA has the top business schools in the world (51 of the top 100 from the 2019 FT Rankings)! 

At this seminar you will learn about different programs to study business in the USA at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, the admissions process, and student life. 

EducationUSA, William & Mary School of Business (Williamsburg, VA), and students from the San Francisco State University Lam Family College of Business (San Francisco, CA), will introduce how studying business in the USA is the best way to:

  • Expand your global network
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Become fluent in business English
  • Boost your CV for your career both in the Czech Republic and around the world.

This FREE event will take place in-person at our 16:30 at our Advising Center and online via webinar in English. Register and ask questions by sending an email to or clicking here.

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