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In addition to our website, you will find a lot of useful information about educational exchanges and studies in the USA elsewhere on the Internet. We can recommend the guidance on the EducationUSA website. Otherwise, on this page, we have compiled a comprehensive list of selected links.

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ETA Alumni Meet Current Grantees

On Monday, June 6, former English Teaching Assistants virtually meet current grantees at a webinar called “Life After Fulbright.” Fulbright alumni will share their next steps after the end of their grant, they will discuss their personal experience with reverse culture shock, and offer advice

Sports Day in Jaroměř with Four American Fulbrighters

Jaroměř Sports Day was the final project day of English Teaching Assistants Anna, Maddie, Madison and Saemyi and their mentors. Throughout the school year, the group organized English language immersion days for 500 students and 40 teachers from Gymnázium Jaroměř, Kolín Nursing School, Litomyšl Gardening

Farewell reception for US grantees 2021/22

On May 20th Czech Fulbright commission organized a farewell reception for current US grantees in a beautiful setting of the Residence of the US Ambassador. Grantees, their hosts, Board members, and guests were welcome by Chargé d’Affaires Mike Dodman and Hana Ripková, Director of the