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The Fulbright Program in the Czech Republic has already supported almost 1150 Czech and almost 1000 U.S. citizens.

Find out more in the Statistical Review 25 Years. The outcomes of our sociological survey are downloadable here. We have published the review to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Czech Fulbright Commission.

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State Alumni: Interactive Online Grantees and Alumni Directory

State Alumni is an online global community for all past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs – including Fulbright alumni. Interactive, dynamic, and password-protected offers alumni a place to network, share ideas and stories, participate in Q&A Live discussions, and access free valuable resources such as grants, jobs, and research databases. The Fulbright Community on State Alumni brings together current grantees and alumni, while also supporting the program’s worldwide professional network.

Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund

Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) offers alumni the opportunity to address global issues on a local, national, regional, or international level. AEIF provides the more than one million alumni of United States government-funded exchange programs the chance to partner with other alumni and U.S. missions abroad to create and implement innovative projects to address these global problems.

Project proposals must come from:

  • Teams of 10 or more alumni of recognized U.S. government-funded exchange programs or
  • Current participants of U.S. government-funded exchange programs; and
  • Registered members at the State Alumni website.
  • All alumni submitting proposals must be residing abroad and U.S. alumni may partner in the execution of projects.

Fulbright Association

The Fulbright Association is a membership organization of Fulbright alumni and supporters.  The Association is committed to fostering international awareness and understanding through advocating increased worldwide support for Fulbright exchanges, enriching the Fulbright experience, and facilitating lifelong interaction among alumni and current participants.


30 New English Teaching Assistants at Czech High Schools

Fulbright welcomes 30 new English Teaching Assistants who will help with English language teaching at Czech high schools all over the country. Assistants will stay in the Czech Republic for the whole academic year of 2023/2024, and they will teach at various types of local

Fulbright Conference about the Future of Fulbright Programs in Europe

This week, Fulbright Czech Republic hosts a conference about the future of the Fulbright Program in Europe. Director of the Commission Hana Ripkova explained that, during the four-day event, directors of other European Commissions, diplomats from European U.S. Embassies, and other representatives of the Fulbright